2017 Recap.

When this year started, I was a completely different person. I was still dating someone..or at least trying to work on things with the person that I had once seen my future with. I was trying to fix something that was so broken that it kept falling apart. Eventually it didn’t work, and he picked … More 2017 Recap.

Hitting Reset.

You can go months with being on top of your game and on track to reaching all of your goals. You can be killing it for weeks and months in a  row and then one thing happens and suddenly you’re on some sort of out of control spiral. You can be crushing it, and then … More Hitting Reset.

Finding Your Place

Growing up I moved a lot. I’m well into double digits for the number of houses i’ve lived in and have been to a number of different cities, and yet none of them have actually felt like home. I came close once, but there was always something missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger … More Finding Your Place