Choosing Recovery

People talk about the reasons they chose recovery and how it was all for themselves. I mean sure the first reason that I chose to recover and start on the path to a healthy lifestyle was for myself. It was because if I continued on the way I was going, I would die. I was … More Choosing Recovery


Carbohydrates are your main energy source and essential for your organs and body to properly function. By reducing the amount of carbs that you’re intaking your brain does not function properly. This mean thats you’re going to be emotional, you’re not going think straight, and you’re probably going to feel drained. If you have one … More Carbs

Body Acceptance

This post is probably one of the hardest things that I will post. I’ve taken similar pictures several times before thinking that it would be easy to post. It would be easy to show people that just because you have abs or a flat stomach doesn’t mean that you don’t have rolls. It wasn’t easy. … More Body Acceptance

Intuitive Eating

As a child we eat when we’re hungy and we eat what we want. Sometimes that means having a couple cookies and sometimes that means having some vegtables. What happened to that? What happened to listening to our bodies to tell us what it needs? There is no need to follow a strict diet. There … More Intuitive Eating

Meal Plans & Macros

  Following a meal plan or counting macros are similar, and they have similar effects on your mind. It becomes an addiction. It slowly starts to take over your life. I’ve followed a meal plan, and i’ve tried to track my macros. Both of these thing have almost resulted in a relapse.. or even a couple … More Meal Plans & Macros