People tell you all the time that routines sometimes make you feel like you’re stuck in the same place. That you’re just going through the motions everyday.. but sometimes routines aren’t that bad. You wake up and eat the same thing for breakfast or rotate between a couple of different things and you live in … More Routine


  I could spend hours scrolling through Instagram comparing myself to other people. Comparing myself to people that have strict diets that don’t cheat and are cut and have 6 packs. Women that can perfectly contour their make up or curl their hair. Comparing myself to every little thing as I sit in bed and … More Instagram

Planning ahead

Trying to plan out every little thing that happens in your life is a struggle. Things happen that send you on a roller coaster and leave you stranded so far off the path that you can’t find your way back. Planning out your future and giving yourself times and dates as to when you’ll be … More Planning ahead