Gaining Weight is Cool

Recently the hashtag “gaining weight is cool” took over Instagram to promote mental health awareness and the incredible things that recovery leads to.

Gaining weight has a stigma all on it’s own. From the idea that women are supposed to weigh a certain amount or fit into a certain size, and have a certain body shape is overwhelming. It gives people the idea that gaining weight is wrong.. and promotes the idea that weight loss at any size is a good thing. Is Gaining weight REALLY the worst thing that can happen?

The past couple of months i’ve been trying to gain weight, but when people hear about it, it seems like it’s such an odd thing. It’s always been difficult for my body to gain weight.. and i’ve heard it all “must be nice” “why would you even want to” etc.

Gaining weight has not only helped me physically in the gym, but also has made me faster and more capable of so many different things. Gaining weight is not a bad thing. I never thought that I would be happy to gain weight and see the numbers on the scale go up, let alone celebrate it.

The pictures on the top are from when I was struggling to gain weight when i was forced to. When my body accepted that i needed to gain weight but my mind was the opposite. Any step towards gaining weight I countered with unhealthy habits. I was aware that I needed to get help but was still struggling to actually let myself get the help I needed. There was nobody to constantly tell me that it was okay to gain weight.. everyone around me wanted to lose weight. I was surrounded by people that constantly talked about how they wanted to be smaller.

The pictures on the bottom are from this year. I’ve accepted that gaining weight is not a bad thing. Gaining weight is something that happens. I’ve accepted that you don’t need to be smaller to be liked or worth someones time. I’ve surrounded myself with people that promote positivity and promote both physical and mental gains in any aspect.


There have been a variety of things posted on social media that promote negative behaviours towards health, and they’re often talked about outside of the platform they’re used on. When it comes to positivity that promotes awareness and living a health active life, it’s often harder to find. By starting the trend that gaining weight is cool, it’s a step in the right direction to ending the stigma that not only surrounds mental illness and eating disorders but that surrounds the idea that weight gain is the worst thing that can happen. Because lets be honest… is gaining weight REALLY the worst thing that could happen?


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