It’s not all about Macros.

So many people in the fitness world are so hooked on tracking everything. Their lives revolve around tracking macros and never missing a day at the gym. Every waking moment is spent thinking about their next workout or their next meal. It’s almost like they’re always one step ahead and fail to embrace the world around them and the day as it’s happening.

Living your life like this is exhausting. It’s hard on a person mentally. It can lead to so many disordered thoughts and habits. It creates an idea that everything has to be tracked  and everything you do needs to somehow push you further towards this bigger picture of your goal.

Working towards your goals is key and making it your lifestyle to reach your goals is how you will become successful. But when it takes over every waking moment of your life, you need to take a step back and make sure it isn’t negatively effecting your mental health.

It’s important to have days that you don’t track anything. That you accept that things aren’t going to be perfectly in line with your goals and your plan. It’s important to live your life. Have patio drinks, eat an entire package of garlic bread or a pint of ice cream in one sitting. It’s important to enjoy time with the people you care about while you still can. Life is more than just tracking macros.

I track my macros, I don’t miss workouts, and I don’t go out to bars. I spend the majority of my time working or in school. So when I do get the chance to spend time with my friends it’s not about making sure it all fits into my macros. Life is more than just fitting into clothes. It’s more than just having an aesthetically pleasing image. Life is more than just counting calories.. it’s about friendships, experiences, and love. It’s about embracing the world around you and enjoying the time that you have.

We only get one life. We only get so many years, so many months, so many weeks, and so many days on this earth. It’s up to us how we decide to spend it. We can spend it obsessing over things and objects or we can spend it experiencing things and making memories that we’ll look back on one day.

Being able to step back from looking at nutrition labels is mentally relaxing. It’s calming to not flip everything over and calculate whether or not you can have it. It’s calming to not have to calculate how much of something will fit in. Not only is it mentally relaxing, but it gives you the ability to reset your mind. It gives you the ability to reset and get back to tracking the next day.

Your mental health is more important than being shredded.
Your mental health is more important than your body fat percentage.

Your mental health is vital when it comes to your progress both in and outside of the gym. Step back from the strict meal plan and allow yourself to enjoy your life. Allow yourself to accept that nothing in life follows a plan perfectly and that’s okay. Following a strict plan continuously without having a break can lead to obsessive thoughts and can have a negative effect on your relationships with friends and family.

Allow yourself to take a break. Allow yourself to live.



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