Who You Were Made You Who You Are

You can hate the person that you used to be.
You can dwell on the choices that you didn’t make.
You can destroy yourself for the decisions that you made in the past.
Or you can accept them for everything that they were and you can accept the person that you used to be, because it’s made you who you are.

Every decision that you’ve made up to this point has led you to this exact moment. Every time you picked one thing over another whether it was what school to go to or who to date.. it’s led you to where you are. The things that you’ve been through in the past mold you and form you into the person that you’re meant to be.
And you can change it.
If you don’t like the path that you’re on, if you don’t like the person that you’re becoming you change it.
It only takes one decision to alter the course of your path.
One choice to change everything.

I look back on who I was when I was 20, and realize that i’m a completely different person now. It’s only been 5 years but that person doesn’t exist anymore. I look back on who I was in high school and realize that everything that I did, and everything that I went through has brought me here.

How are you supposed to love the person that you are and the things that you’ve accomplished when you’re too busy hating everything about your past. Your past brought you to this moment.

I used to hate myself for getting so deep into my eating disorder that it destroyed friendships and relationships. I used to hate myself for the fact that I partied 7 days a week and skipped school all the time. What if i hadn’t. What if i hadn’t spent 3 years partying every night. Where would I be if i had gotten help earlier?
There are a variety of what if’s that pop into my head, but if given the chance to go back i wouldn’t change a thing..

The person that I am today, is someone that has battled.
The person that I am today, is someone that has survived.
The person that I am today, is someone that has been hurt, has fallen, but has gotten back up.

And these are only some of the reasons that I wouldn’t change a single thing. I wouldn’t change a event that has happened; whether it was one that tore me apart or one that made me feel alive. At the time of every decision i’ve made it was the decision that I believed was the best option.

Loving the person you are isn’t just loving the person you are right now, but loving the person you were and the choices you’ve made to bring you to this point.


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