I’m 24 from Ontario and in recovery for an eating disorder. I lost myself years ago in a downward spiral. After 7 years of struggling to figure out who I was and thinking that all I needed was to be skinnier, I finally realized there was more to life than a number on a scale.
Three years ago, I chose life. I chose to recover. I chose to find myself and find what I was meant to do with my life. There were several different things that happened over the course of a couple weeks that made me realize I needed help.
From broken ribs and trips to the hospital from passing out to mental breakdowns, drinking too much, and constantly ending up on the bathroom floor crying alone i realized that i would die if i continued on the path i was on.
In 2012 I chose to recover. Some days I still struggle but i’m slowly finding my way. I’m currently studying Social Work in university. I’ve found new passions and I’ve found new ways to relieve stress and handle the bad days. In the past four years i’ve grown and changed in so many ways, but most importantly i’ve found a way to love myself even on the days that I can’t seem to find a reason why.