Contemplating Competing

Over the past year I’ve been seriously thinking about competing. Thinking about the amount you have to push yourself to new limits both mentally and physically is extremely appealing to me. Maybe it’s the idea of something new to compete in, or maybe it’s that so many people ask me if i’m currently prepping.  With so many people around me prepping … More Contemplating Competing

Breaking Up.

Breaking up is something that everyone goes through at some point in their lifetime and we all face it in different ways. Some people are easily capable of moving on from break ups and getting over it while others take a stronger hit. I’ve been through my fair share of break ups and recently I … More Breaking Up.

Repressing Emotion

There is a plethora of things that have refused to allow myself to feel. I continue to push them aside and ignore them as if they didn’t happen. The only problem with this is that means they continue to build up and eat away at my inner self. Repressing emotions is common. It’s common for … More Repressing Emotion


Imagine if your mental health didn’t effect your day to day life. Imagine if you could separate what your mental illness was telling you what you actually knew. Imagine if your MENTAL health didn’t control your every thought. Imagine how much easier life would be. I honestly wonder every single day what it’s like to … More Imagine.